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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are my curls not curly anymore? They just fall flat.

A: There are many factors involved in how your natural curl forms and holds it's shape. Keep these few in mind;

  • Every 7 years, your body goes through a hormonal change (everyone's does-don't feel singled out) and it can change the way your natural curl is formed while it grows.
  • What is your Style Equation at home? Are you using the correct shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, etc.? For example; If your hair is fine but curly, products that are high in glycerin, oils, and humectants aren't the best in holding your curl. Using a moisturizing shampoo and a leave-in spray is the best for that situation. Everyone's is different!
  • Every curl is different! Your best friend has wavy hair but it's very thick. You on the other hand have wavy hair but it's not as dense. Don't assume every curl needs the same attention.

Q: My hair is so dry ALL the time. I just give up fighting it - what do you recommend?

A: This question is a big one. We say that because everyone's hair is different! Maybe you've been using the wrong haircare. Maybe your iron is too hot. It can be as simple as your diet or the water in your shower!

If knotting and damage are getting you down - a haircut maybe the best idea to clean up those stranglers that are frustrating you. Next, invest in a line of haircare that will REGENRATE and REPAIR your hair from the inside out. (Items with KERATIN in them aren't always the best idea because it's not repairing or moisturizing your hair.) Also, if you live in an area that has "hard water" (water that is rich in minerals and metals), this usually creates either a cast of brass on hair and dries it out immensly. To aleviate this to a degree, getting weekly or bi-weekly Clarifying Treatments to deeply clean the hair will help in recovering from hard-water damage. Lastly, if you're a hot-tool junkie, think about what you're doing before you blowdry, curl, or flat iron your hair. Before blowdrying, apply a balm, cream, or spray with heat protection in it. Before using a hot tool, always make sure your iron isn't OVER 390°F. Spraying a heat protectant before hand is necessary in fighting heat damage.

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