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If you are experiencing hair loss due to sickness or just for some unknown reason and would like to wear different styles which are more permanent than wigs, I would suggest the Net Weave technique.

This method is usually for those clients who are experiencing severe hair loss or have thinning hair, alopecia or baldness. If you just want to rest your own hair or if your stylist cannot create a secure track with your hair, you should try this technique. However, if you have naturally-thick hair, I would recommend getting the regular sew-in. This technique is not damaging to the hair. In fact, it adds more coverage to the thinner parts of your hair.

The Net-weave method is similar to the regular sew-in method with the exception of the net. The net is sewn over the cornrow, and the commercial hair is sewn onto the net, only occasionally sewing directly onto the cornrow. The net allows for tracks to be sewn where there may not be a cornrow underneath. Net Weaves relieve some tension and allows the hair to not swell as much after shampooing.
The downside to Net Weaves, however, is that if you have a lot of hair, it will be difficult to care for your real hair, as the net gets in the way.

DO NOT attempt to use a stocking cap or traditional wig cap, as these are made of close-knit nylon, which holds in heat and moisture.

With proper maintenance and care, a Net Weave should last between 2 to 4 months. However, this may vary due to the growth of your natural hair. Your natural hair growth will determine the best time to come in to get it redone.

Sew-in Weave

This method is the oldest in hair weaving. It was invented back in the late 50's and was a great beginning for those who wanted instant locks. Sew-in technique is one way to add extensions to your hair to make your hair appear longer, healthier and more lustrous. Sew-in weave is the art of corn rowing your natural hair to the scalp then the commercial hair is then sewn onto the cornrow then we cut and style your hair. To give you a more natural look it is best to leave out some of your natural hair on top if you don’t have much hair or your hair is thin on top it is best to use a closure to give you a natural look. This technique is known for giving the hair a break from everyday stress. This technique will usually last from two to four month with proper maintenance.

The object of a weave is many: to eliminate the appearance of baldness or create the illusion of a full head of hair, add length, change texture or color. If you would like to wear weave for any of these reason or until your own hair is where you would like it to be, this may be suitable for you. If done skillfully there will be little or no lumps. We are known for having the flattest sewing weave that has little or no lumps or bump.
Flat Interlocking

Flat Interlocking is unlike any other Interlock technique no one will know you have it in because it is so flat ever if they touch your hair they will not know. This technique is a unique weave technique that is done by attaching commercial hair to your own hair with needle and thread. There are no braids, glue, net, pole or machines. Therefore, you will have no lumps or bumps and it gives you the fattest and naturalist look. Because your hair is left out under each interlocking it is easier to get to you own hair. This technique is very safe for the hair and will last for 2 to 4 months with proper maintenance.

If you want your weave to look its best, you must use hair that looks and feels like your own. Use only 100% virgin Remy hair that does not have any animal hair or synthetic in it.

Lace Front Wigs

Is a full coverage unit made with 100% INDIAN Remy Hair (cuticle hair) hand-tied to a lace base so it looks like it's growing from you scalp. The lace is trimmed to create the illusion of hair coming out of your hairline. If you have thinning hair, alopecia /balding, chemotherapy patient, or if you have hair and just want a change in fashion or style this technique is for you. This gives you unlimited styling abilities and no strain on your own hair. It can be used on thinning hair to create a beautiful hairline. This unit is more comfortable and more natural than a wig. It is custom made for a perfect custom fit. You can go swimming, work out and more in it. If your unit is bonded on, you might need touch up in 3 to 4 weeks.

Is worn by celebrities: like Beyonce, Tyra, Brandy, Mary J Blige, Nicole Kidman, and many more actors and models utilize these full coverage units to protect their hair form everyday styling abuse. This is the secret of the stars. No damage to your natural hair, no need to use any chemicals. This full coverage unit can be ordered in stock sizes or customized to fit your head perfectly once your template is made. Full lace units allow you to wear your hair in any styles and parted your hair in any direction. You can wear a ponytail and you can wear your hair off your face
Hair Loc Extension

Is a strand-by-strand technique that creates an invisible look. Unlike fusion weave, there is no glue so there is no damage to your hair. No heat, no wax, no chemicals, and no braiding. This technique is completely safe and painless to apply and remove. Designed for clients who would like a natural look and feel. Hair loc a strand-by-strand hair extension offers the quality and versatility like no other weave you have ever seen! You can wear your hair in up-dos or ponytails; you can highlight your hair without the use of harsh chemicals, and even use your favorite hot tools like flat irons and hot curlers. This technique will last 3 to 4 months with proper maintenance.

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