Salon Square - Salon and Spa's skin care specialists offer a wide array of hair removal choices for the face and entire body.

Be sure to read our tips for making your hair removal experience as comfortable and optimal as possible.

For Optimal Hair Removal Results:

Hair should be between ¼” and ½” in length. If your hair is longer, we recommend trimming prior to your appointment. After hair removal, we recommend avoiding sun exposure and excessive sweating to lessen the chances of bacterial infection.

For Your Health

For your health and comfort, we will not wax guests who are sunburned or using Retin A, Accutane, Tazorac, Differin or any other medication that exfloliate compromise the skin. Also, waxing or sugaring cannot be performed on people who have recently had laser treatments, plastic surgery, or sunburn.


Waxing is a technique used to remove unwanted hair by removing the hair follicle from the root. Wax is hot and applied on the skin in the direction of the hair growth, then removed with a strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Wax is great to use on large body parts that are not sensitive, such as the legs, arms and back. It is also great for brows since it has an easy application process that can result in a high level of detail needed for brow waxing

Waxing FAQ

After Your Wax

  • Wear loose clothing for a few hours.
  • Don't expose the skin to sun or tanning beds for a few days.
  • Don't take hot showers or baths for 24 hours.  A warm shower or bath is fine.
  • Always wash with a clean wash cloth.  Loofahs or mesh sponges can harbor bacteria and cause break outs.
  • Don't swim in chlorinated pools, rivers, or dirty water for 24 hours.
  • Don't exercise for 24 hours.  This can cause perspiration which may irritate freshly waxed skin and cause a break out.  In fact, ANYTHING that causes perspiration (you know what we'r talking about), for the first 24 hours can cause a break out.
  • Don't apply scented creams/lotions, talc, etc. for 24 hours.
  • If you are prone to ingrown hair, we recommend the use of an exfoliating scrub 2 to 3 times a week.  Don't do this immediately after your waxing session.  Wait several days, start exfoliating and using exfoliator per instructions.
  • It is not unusual to have a break out after your first waxing session.  Regular waxing sessions at 4 to 6 week intervals  will give you smoother results, less ingrowns, and no more break outs.

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